Nationals select right-handed pitcher Lara

On July 2, 2019 the Washington Nationals selected right- hander Andry Lara with the 16th pick in the MLB international prospect list.

Lara will likely join the MLB roster in a couple of years. The Nationals agree agreed to a $1.25 million deal with right hander Andry Lara. Washington’s has been interested in Lara for a while now.

Lara was ranked 16th on the MLB’s list of top international prospects for the latest signing period with their scouts writing that his repertoire includes a 92-94 MPH fastball, that’s touched 96, a two-seam fastball, which ” might be his best pitch”, but is ” not his only weapon”, and a breaking ball says the team scouting report.

”Lara’s repertoire also features a power breaking ball,” they add, along with a changeup that, as with most young prospects, is on the come. ” This teen knows how to attack hitters,” according to the team’s scouting report, ” and has shown good command of his pitches, and like most pitchers his age, Lara’s control will improve as he develops and receives more instruction. There’s more deception in his delivery and there’s lots of aggressiveness in his approach, according to the team scouting report”.

Welcome to Washington, Andry Lara.

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