Nationals end the regular season with a series win recap 9/29/19

The Washington Nationals beat the Cleveland Indians on Sunday afternoon at Nationals Park. The Nationals’ record currently stands at 92-69. The Indians drop to 93-69.

Joe Ross pitched a very strong six nnings for Washington. Ross allowed four hits and eight strikeouts while pitching. Aaron Barret allowed two hits and one strikeout in relief for Washington.

In the bottom of first, left fielder Juan Soto doubled to deep right, Turner scored.

In the bottom of the third, catcher Kurt Suzuki homered to left (358 feet), Eaton scored.

Additionally, in the bottom of the sixth, second baseman Brian Dozier singled to right, Taylor scored and Robles scored. Also, pitch hitter Gerardo Parra doubled to deep center, Difo scored and Dozier scored.

Finally, in the bottom of the eighth, Parra singled to right center, Dozier scored, Difo to third.

With a win over the Indians, the Nationals play the Brewers for game 1 of the playoffs on Tuesday. Pitching will be Max Scherzer.

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