Washington holds off the Browns 24-23

browns redskinsWhen I was growing up I remember often hearing after a non-call in a game that a penalty could be called on every play from scrimmage so sometimes the refs would just have to let things go. Apparently, the new adage is a penalty could be called on every play, so call that penalty. Yellow flags littered the field to start the Monday night match-up between the Washington Redskins and the Cleveland Browns which really prevented the development of any sort of rhythm or flow to the game. Read more about Washington holds off the Browns 24-23

Here I was thinking it was Jon Gruden

220px-Jay_GrudenSo a new head coach has come to town. It’s the TV guy, Jon Gruden right? No it’s his brother, Jay. Hey close enough. The real head coach, Jay Gruden, guided the Bengals offense to the playoffs as offensive coordinator. Wait, isn’t that the offense of accident-prone Andy Dalton? Accidents in this case are interceptions.

Anyway, the train wreck of the Skins season is finally over. If the Bears hadn’t chocked away their playoff chances (at least two of my kids wouldn’t have left the Packers receiver wide open for a game-winning touchdown), than at least the Skins could claim that two of their wins came over playoff teams.
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The last game of a lost season

490px-Kirk_cousins_redskinsI have the Redskins roster and here are the players I would keep for next year. It’s in alphabetical order so bear with me.
David Amerson: The NC State rookie is actually pretty good.
Barry Cofield: He’s a 300 pounder ffrom Northwestern so he should be smart enough to lose a few pounds.
Kirk Cousins: Didn’t look like the world beater from the week before but he’s still pretty good.
Fred Davis: Stay healthy pal, won’t you?
Reed Doughty: He’s really not that bad as a safety.
Kai Forbath: I know he’s scored very few points but that’s because we stink.
Pierre Garcon: He’s had a record-setting campaign and although he’s no Art Monk, he’s still pretty good.

Robert Griffin III: Great athlete. Could we play him somewhere else?

DeAngelo Hall: Actually a good story as we thought he was done. He’s done quite well if he wants to come back.
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