3-6? That's the same record we had last year

No panic right. Got those other teams right where the Skins want them. Washington went 3-6 in RG III’s first season and still made the playoffs. So no problem. The offense is getting better every week and the defense still has DeAngelo Hall.
Phooey to that. What a terrible loss last Thursday in Minnesota. I’d rather get blown out than lose a big lead.

How do you lose a game when the starting quarterback (Griffin) throws for nearly 300 yards and 3 touchdowns. There wasn’t a single interception.

That bull of back, Alfred Morris, ran for 139 yards. Pierre Garcon was over 100 yards in receiving. Jordan Reed snared another touchdown pass.

We had a 27-14 lead in the third quarter over a bad team. It should have been 44-14.

Instead, the offense slowed down and the defense (not good) kept on getting burned on third-down and nine plays. What gives?

We even knocked out the starting quarterback (Christian Ponder). That seems to be the theme this year in the NFL. Knock out the starting QB and you are guaranteed a victory. Not in this case. The two Minnesota quarterbacks missed on six passes the entire night. That meant the other 21 passes were caught successfully by Vikings receivers.

Where’s George Allen (defensive whiz) when you need him. The Skins blew the lead and fell 34-27.

Are we done for the year? This schedule also includes danger games with the 49ers and an undefeated team from Kansas City. So I’m thinking of next year.

What happened to that team that beat the Bears and stunned the Chargers in overtime? It might be time to trade for some defenders. Sure, the Skins can take care of business in the division with wins over the Giants, Cowboys and Eagles. Or maybe not.

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