Guaranteed win when San Diego comes to town

Do I dare say it out loud that the Skins will step up and hammer the visiting Chargers when San Diego comes to town come Sunday afternoon.

Of course this comes with confidence after that performance in Denver. No one (in their right mind) gave the Skins a chance when they crossed into Colorado last week. Peyton Manning and the Broncos would score at least 100 points and send Washington’s program back to the stone age.

Yet early in the third quarter, the scoreboard in Denver read: Washington 21, Denver 7.
We had a score from Leonard Hankerson on a pass from RG III. Alfred Morris had plunged in from the one-yard line. And yet another pick 6 from DeAngelo Hall.

OK, it wasn’t time to celebrate but what a warm and fuzzy feeling that we were handling Peyton and his band of pals from Denver.

Hey, did anyone recall that one-handed catch from Pierre Garcon? What a play.

And then the Skins fans’ (like me) awoke from the dream. Manning and team blew the Skins out 45-21.

So is it time to abandon ship and find another sport.? The answer would be an easy yes if the NFC East wasn’t so horrible. A loss in this division really isn’t so painful. Can you imagine being in a pennant chase with a 2-5 mark. It’s really not so awful when the first place team is playing .500 ball. That’s those Cowboys.

The Giants now are riding a two-game winning streak. Yet they are still a half game in back of us at 2-6.

So what do we know about our Skins after 7 games? Griffin is still inconsistent. He needs to run the ball in every game. There are no exceptions. I like the tandem of Morris and the underrated Roy Helu Jr. We need to run first and pass second.

Jordan Reed is the real deal. He’s a fine tight end.

Of course our defense isn’t much to write home about. I liked the play of Florida State graduate Brandon Jenkins last week. He’s a linebacker. Perry Riley Jr. is making progress, too. And what’s with all the juniors on this team. Aren’t there more names to use out there.

So what’s my predicted score for Sunday.? How about Washington 24, San Diego 21




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