Now that we are clinched out; what's left?

394px-Rg3_redskinsThere was no screaming and yelling this time. Sure, the Skins blew a 14-0 lead to the NY Giants last Sunday night. But RG III was on some sort of a record pace early throwing the ball around plus he ran the ball so well.

And look who showed up. Fred Davis. Remember him? There were some decent moments as Washington finally scored on its opening drive. Were we the last NFL team do that?

Griffin had the offense humming early. And they finally gave Alfred Morris a chance to run the ball down by the goal line. So naturally he scored.

Despite not having Jordan Reed (excellent tight end) available (concussion), Logan Paulsen filled in well and scored the game’s second TD. The Skins were up 14-0 early in the second quarter. Did we really believe that they would win? Frankly, not with this team’s defense.

And on the Giants third possession (please note the so-so Giants had not registered a first down as yet) scored a touchdown. Again, dreadful tackling sunk the team (anyone in the crowd interested in hitting people?).

Long story, shortened up is that this game was tied up by halftime. Actually where the game got away from us is after  Brandon Meriweather intercepted Eli Manning and made a nice return. We were set up deep in the red zone. And we couldn’t get the ball in. The offense moved the ball all of two yards on three downs. Our last lead was 17-14 after a Kai Forbath field goal.

Oh, the rest of the game had us screw up a punt. There was the mix-up by the refs and the chain gang which is not a surprise. I know folks hated the replacement refs but the regular crew hasn’t been much better this winter.

Now what’s going to happen to the Skins? Yes, they need to clean house and start over again. Can they beat the Chiefs? Of course a year ago, we would have mauled them. Now we are a decided underdog. But with nothing to play for, this might be a fun game to watch. Griffin is getting close to his old self. Morris is a steady and productive running back. Let’s hope Jordan Reed feels better and can play in this game.



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