The last game of a lost season

490px-Kirk_cousins_redskinsI have the Redskins roster and here are the players I would keep for next year. It’s in alphabetical order so bear with me.
David Amerson: The NC State rookie is actually pretty good.
Barry Cofield: He’s a 300 pounder ffrom Northwestern so he should be smart enough to lose a few pounds.
Kirk Cousins: Didn’t look like the world beater from the week before but he’s still pretty good.
Fred Davis: Stay healthy pal, won’t you?
Reed Doughty: He’s really not that bad as a safety.
Kai Forbath: I know he’s scored very few points but that’s because we stink.
Pierre Garcon: He’s had a record-setting campaign and although he’s no Art Monk, he’s still pretty good.

Robert Griffin III: Great athlete. Could we play him somewhere else?

DeAngelo Hall: Actually a good story as we thought he was done. He’s done quite well if he wants to come back.

Leonard Hankerson: The ex-Hurricanes wide receiver can play this game if he can stay healthy.

Roy Helu Jr.: I like the way he plays hard.

Ryan Kerrigan: He’s really a gifted player although I don’t think he’s had a great year.

Alfred Morris. He’s the engine that could. He just keeps on going. What a fine draft pick.

Niles Paul: Is he really Logan Paulsen? I can’t really tell.

Logan Paulsen: Heck, he’s no Jerry Smith but he’s not bad.

Jordan Reed. I hope his brain is OK because Reed is a heck of a player.

Perry Riley Jr. I think he might be the MVP. He’s been terrific all season long.

Darrel Young: He’s proven to be reliable carrying the ball down by the end zone. Now can he stay healthy. That’s the question.

There were more than 80,000 fans who took in the Cowboys game on Sunday. Yes, to see the 10-game loser from Washington. And it was a fun game. Now did anyone (in their right mind) think the Redskins defense would stop the Cowboys on their game-winning drive in the fourth quarter.?

So we had a 23-14 lead in the fourth quarter and couldn’t protect it.

It’s the last game of this horrible season. And it’s the Giants. Will we win? Maybe but I doubt it.



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