Washington Has All The Momentum Heading Into Vegas

After winning three games in a row after the bye week, Washington has found itself in control of its destiny. Their 5-6 record is the 7th best in the NFC and while Dallas should win the NFC East, Washington can realistically get a spot as a wild card team. But first, they need to win their last game outside of the NFC East. A win today will put them in a good spot with the final five games being against Dallas, Philly, and New York.

Control the Game

Since the bye week, the offense has held the ball for at least 35 minutes per game. That has had a lot to do with Scott Turner not going away from the run. In the last three weeks, Washington has had at least 34 rushing attempts each game and as a team, they had 436 yards rushing. In that span, they are second in rushing yards in the NFC. It’s no coincidence that the other team in the NFC on a three-game winning streak is first in rushing in the last three games.

The duo of Gibson and McKissic has been dynamic all season but even bigger in November. With McKissic in doubt due to a concussion, Gibson will have to take on a larger role. Patterson has shown some promise but he isn’t as dynamic as McKissic.

The Raiders give up an average of 125.9 yards per game this season. I expect another big rushing game by Washington.

Raiders injuries

While Washington has playmakers coming back from injures, Las Vegas is likely gonna be without some of their best playmakers. Waller went out on Thanksgiving and has been ruled out.

Jacobs and DeSean Jackson are expected to play but they seem to be limited. The Raiders offense was already lacking weapons and it looks like they will be leaning on Renfrow a lot more today.

Defense keeps rolling

Since the blowout against Kansas City in week six, the defense has not allowed more than 24 points a game. They have also forced five turnovers and held teams under 50% on 3rd down. Allen and Collins have been the biggest playmakers in that span. Collins has been put in a new role by playing closer to the line of scrimmage. That has helped him with making more impactful plays behind or around the line of scrimmage. It has been a big reason why teams have been having issues on 3rd down. Being without Collins will leave a big hole on the defense.


Washington is a 1.5 point underdog in Vegas. Vegas is only 1-3 in the last four games and they have given up over 30 points a game in three of those games. Even with Vegas’s big win last week in Dallas it still feels like the two teams going in opposite directions. Vegas has the upper hand with a better quarterback but that is it.

As long as Heinicke can not turn the ball over and the offense can continue to run the ball with success they will come home next week 6-6 and an important game against Dallas.

Washington wins 27-17 behind another 100 yard game by Gibson.

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