Aug 27

Ravens sign Hill to a two-year deal

The Baltimore Ravens have signed safety Will Hill to a two-year contract, the Ravens announced today.  Hill has been an impressive member of the Ravens secondary and has stayed healthy for the Ravens.   Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 27

Orioles lineup: 8/27/2015

The Baltimore Orioles play the Kansas City Royals in the final game of a four-game series.  The Orioles won last night snapping a long six-game losing streak.  The Orioles need to put some wins together to get back into the playoff race. 

Here is the lineup. Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 27

Fitness Training: Build More Muscle With Tension Sets

biceps curl As a sports performance coach, I spend most of my time training athletes to run faster, jump higher, and/or throw harder. Since building bigger biceps and triceps doesn’t always help with those goals, it’s typically not a top priority. However, there is something to be said for looking good in a uniform when you’re being evaluated by college or pro scouts, so athletes who have stick arms should make an effort to build some arm size with direct bicep and tricep training. Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 27

Five Ravens to watch against Washington

ravenshuddleThe Baltimore Ravens play the Washington Redskins in the third game of the preseason.  The third preseason game is commonly referred to as a dress rehearsal for the regular season.  The starters usually play deep in this game.  It will also be fun to watch because the Ravens and Redskins have a fan rivarly.  Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 27

Is Reducing Preseason To Two Games a Good Idea

ravens_widereceivers_t580Are preseason games really meaningless? That is the question that players all over the league are asking in tandem with fans of teams that have lost big name players to the injury bug this year. Although the Ravens have suffered some injuries, they mostly occurred during practice and not during preseason games like many of the other injuries sustained by other teams. With the Ravens practices being classified as some of the toughest and hardest practices in the league, is the fact that Ravens players are not being injured in preseason games as significantly as other teams an indication of something?

The Ravens have not gotten out of training camp unscathed much like many other teams, but with the tough Ravens practices, is this actually an indication that by reducing the amount of work permitted during the off season by the new CBA actually causing more injuries as opposed to reducing them? I am sure it will take a lot more information that is available to me at this point to make a definitive declaration on that, but it sure seems that way to the naked eye. Where no team is immune to the injury bug, and no team ever will be, is the new CBA just pushing those injuries down the road by not having players bodies prepared for the rigors of an NFL season?

Certainly injuries to Hurst, Taliaferro and Reuland occurred during preseason games, but only the injury to Reuland really should be considered because the injuries to Hurst and Taliaferro occurred during a preseason interception and I think Harbaugh will have a discussion with players about the level of importance to get two offensive players injured when they are just covering a preseason interception, especially since they ran into each other. That is truly a fluke accident but something that Harbaugh is probably now coaching up the players on and educating them that allowing a preseason pick six is preferable to losing two good players for several weeks into the regular season. But for players, it is hard to dial it down, but there are times during meaningless “plays”, not meaningless “games” that they have to learn to do it during the preseason.

As it is now, for the most part, players are in good shape when they start preseason games, but nothing substitutes for getting out on the field and actually playing. With the new CBA, player’s bodies are not pushed to the limits the way they used to be and need to, to be prepared for the preseason, much less the regular season. Where fans and players are clamoring about, complaining that preseason should be reduced to two games, it appears they are digging themselves into the injury hole, not out of it. If a player’s body is not adequately prepared for the intense battering, stretching and abuse of preseason, reducing the preseason just pushes the injury back down the road, though it will never make it go away.

It would be almost impossible to convince players that going back to two-a-days or an increased work load during the off-season would help them with injuries, however, reducing the preseason would create an injury nightmare where teams would then be losing players in week one and two of the regular season, too late to get players in, get them in shape to play and educated in the system. This only compounds the problem and will put those players being picked up later in the crosshairs of the injury bug. Where there is no good answer that everyone will agree on, I believe that reducing the preseason is not the answer to resolving these injury problems, it will actually make it worse.

Perhaps in the next couple years more definitive data will be available and when the next CBA comes up, perhaps the NFLPA will realize that they are actually doing their constituents a disservice by reducing the times that players can get prepared for the season. However, going back to the way it was will never happen but hopefully the NFL has the ammunition it needs to convince the NFLPA that reducing the preseason is only hurting the players and fans alike.


Aug 26

Orioles lineup: 8/26/2015

The Baltimore Orioles play the Kansas City Royals in the third game of a four-game series.  The Orioles are in a long six-game losing streak. 

Here is the lineup.  Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 26

Orioles split series with pesky Mets

Baltimore had kicked off their homestand by sweeping the Athletics in 4 games. The o’s would play 2 games against the Mets, a team they have struggled with.
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