Stephen Strasburg pitching

I am not a Nationals fan, nor will I ever pretend to be, but I was interested in seeing Stephen Strasburg’s debut tonight.  I was not able to watch it at home instead I had the pleasure of watching from the WBAL radio studio with my boss and host Brett Hollander.

Keeping track of the game is more of what I was doing, I was watching his pitch velocity and movement to help out the guys that were busy doing the radio show.  Needless to say it was very fun to watch that young man pitch.  The hardest pitch I saw was at 101 mph on a called strike three call.

I was very impressed with Strasburg usually when guys are as hyped as he is they stumble a little bit, they do not deliver the way he did.

The biggest stat that everyone will remember is the 14 strike outs in 7 innings pitched…14 strike outs!!!! a lot of pitchers would like in one game in there career.  Even more impressive is that Strasburg did not walk anyone.  One thing we should remember Strasburg did make his debut against the Pittsburgh Pirates, who are one of the worst hitting teams in the National League.

When it comes to “can’t miss prospects” I usually error on the side of caution but this guy is the real deal.

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