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Daryl Smith: Photo Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens Have had a long history of having a great defense and great linebackers.  When Ray Lewis retired after the 2012 Super Bowl the Ravens signed Daryl Smith.  Smith at the time was a free agent coming off an injury and the Ravens got him for a one-year deal.  Smith played his college football at Georgia Tech.

Smith was drafted in the second round of the 2004 NFL draft by the Jacksonville Jaguars and stayed with them until 2012.  Smith throughout his career has been a great middle linebacker even when he has played on sub-par teams in Jacksonville.  Smith has also stayed healthy just about every season except for the 2012 season where he only played in two games. 

Despite being 31 years old, Smith had a fantastic first season for the Ravens with five sacks and three interceptions including his first pick six.  Smith brings leadership and smarts to the line backing core.  Middle linebackers historically have called the defensive plays for NFL teams and that is just what Smith does.  Smith is a three-down linebacker and stays on the field for just about every defensive play.  Smith showed little to no weaknesses on the football field.

Smith looked healthy and refreshed in the 2013 season, missing most of the 2012 season might have been very good for Smith’s career.  Smith got nearly a year off at age 30 and got to recover and save a lot of wear and tear.

Smith makes all his tackles and is quick to the football.  In coverage Smith can cover good tight ends with good positioning and good running skills.  For a linebacker Smith has decent hands and ball skills.

The Ravens re-signed Smith to a four-year deal, the story on that deal can be found here and the Ravens press release can be found here. 

Smith should be a Raven for the rest of his career which is great for the Ravens.  Even if Smith’s age becomes a factor his football smarts and locker room leadership will be a great value.  Finding players that are pure leaders on and off the field are hard to find and Smith is one of those.  In Smith’s ten year NFL career has never had any problems off the field.

Here are Smith’s career stats.


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