Pastrana Completes Jump In His Hometown

Travis Pastrana has done a lot of things in his career but he checked a big item off his bucket list this morning. He jumped “Ego Alley” in his hometown of Annapolis using a rally car. Pastrana has lived in the area most of his life and still has a complex in Davidsonville complete with trails, ramps, and foam pits for practice. Today’s jump was part of a shoot for an upcoming film.

The jump almost didn’t happen. The city of Annapolis gave the Capital newspaper information about the jump that wasn’t supposed to be made public. The first time they leaked that the production company applied for the necessary permits. When that story came out Travis was upset about it and thought about canceling it. Last week another story came out about it but the project had come to far to pull the plug. They wanted to keep it quiet because they want people to see the movie instead of watching videos posted on social media.

Pastrana started near St Mary’s Church, came down Newman Street and landed in front of Latitude 38. The restaurant was about 100 feet from the end of his landing ramp. His biggest worry coming into it was parking his car inside the restaurant, To avoid doing this he had to make a sharp turn as soon as he landed. Another aspect of this jump was the speedboat the had to cross between the ramps as the car was in the air. After two attempts where the timing was off the third time was the charm. We will let you know more details on the movie when they become available.

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