Observation: The Mystics have to hold the line

The Washington Mystics have fallen below .0500 for the first time this season. The season so far has been a rollercoaster of sorts. The start of the second half of the season has not been a good start for Stics. There is a lot to take away from what felt like a season of proving doubters wrong.


Brittney Sykes and Natasha Cloud

Sykes was a free agent pickup this past offseason, and it has been a great move so far. Sykes and Cloud have become a Duo that can make things shake on the court but more important they must carry a lot on their shoulders now with the injuries that have occurred. Brittney Sykes should be in the Defensive Player of the Year Conversation.

Eric Thibault

First year head coach Eric Thibault has shown that he can be a head coach in this league. It may not be consistent on the court but for 40 minutes a game Eric and his coaching staff don’t show any quit. What is also important to mention is that Eric sticks up for his players, and especially after the loss against Minnesota he let his feelings known about the officials not being consistent on calls.

Philosophy is getting stale

The year is 2023, and the Mystics have been stuck in this 2019 trance for some time, and its honestly time to move on respectfully. The Mystics since 2019, two first round exits, and missing the playoffs. The remaining fifteen games are going to be critical if the Mystics can’t get out of the first at least. This team must have some type of change going into next season.

The Injuries don’t give the Mystics to work with much honestly

Respectfully, since the injuries the makeup of the roster especially what has been signed to hold down the fort haven’t made tremendous impact, and some of that starts with General Manager Mike Thibault. Let me give you a better idea.

Starting Lineup

Natasha Cloud

Brittney Sykes

Shatori Walker Kimbrough

Myisha Hines-Allen

Tianna Hawkins

When you look at the bench there are a lot of questions. There isn’t any size or length, and that starts with the front office. Eric just doesn’t have much to work with right now. The Mystics until they get Della Donne, Atkins, and Austin back the Mystics will have to work with they have.

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