Game 1 Takeaways from Washington Mystics defeat vs New York Liberty

“Effort” that was the looming word that stuck to me that Brittney Sykes in the lost to the New York Liberty 90-75. The team looked good in the beginning of the game, and then just could not find answers to slow down New York.

The Takeaways

Playing forty minutes consistently

This has been the story of the year for the Mystics. They just do not play well for 40 minutes a night, and Friday night showed that. The Mystics came out of the first four possessions and set the tone for the game, then for some strange reason, going into the second quarter, everything changed. The Liberty took control of the game and had no answers for the liberty. That has been the story for the Mystics this season. The team will show cohesiveness, and the next half it is not the same.

It does not help that New York’s defense and transition game played a huge role in their win. The rebounding battle for the Mystics wasn’t that better. In the first quarter alone, Washington gave up 13 rebounds.

Once the First Quarter was over the story was told.

“It is always going to be frustrating,” Sykes said. The Mystics have shown they can compete with most teams, but it is disappointing to see how the team just struggles to put it together. Washington is the reigning number one defense. There were some positives and negatives.


Washington fell in love with three. Washington shot 5 of 22 from three.

Transition defense was no where to be found.

There seemed to be no true adjustment to the poor stretches’ by the Mystics.

Everyone offensively took shots. Washington just had no answers for others around Breanna Stewart.


Breanna Stewart was contained. She scored 10 points on 16 shots.

The First Quarter was the blueprint, Washignton shot 57 percent with all five starters scoring.

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