West carrying the way for the Tigers

The Towson Tigers are 5-0 and are off to have their best season in school history. Since Terrance West has joined the Tigers as a freshman the Tigers football program has been revived and going strong.

This season has been no different for West who already has 12 rushing touchdowns, which is almost half of the Tigers total touchdowns. The Tigers have 13 touchdowns offensively that are not from West.

It is not just West’s touchdowns that set West apart, it is his yards per game. West averages 129.6 yards per game and 5.3 yards per carry, that is extremely good.

The only flaw in West’s game that Pro Scouts may not like is the lack of receptions that he has. West only has three receptions in five games, Tigers want him to run the ball when he can.

West will keep putting up the numbers if he stays healthy and the Tigers should keep dominating. The Tigers will play the New Hampshire Wildcats who are 1-2 next, should be an easy win.

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