Weighing in On Luke Scott

Luke Scott swinging

Luke Scott swinging

Baltimore Orioles outfielder/DH Luke Scott got into a verbal dispute with Interim Manager Jaun Samuel Thursday while playing the New York Yankees. Scott just hit a triple of the right field wall that some believe could have been an inside the ballpark home run, if Scott did not throw his bat down and jog down the first base line. Everyone in the ballpark new that the exchange between Scott and Samuel was about him jogging down the first base line, because he thought he hit a pop up. Samuel was staring him down as soon as Scott stopped at third.

Scott later tried to deny any wrong doing in an interview saying that the words between Samuel was an inside joke. He also said that he was running hard and would have never got to third if he was not running. The funny thing is that Scott’s voice was breaking up more than a small 5 year old trying to stand up to a bully.

I call bull on everything that Scott said. The funny thing is, Scott was running a lot harder down the first base line on Saturday .

I know Scott is a fan favorite.  However, I will let everyone in on a media secret.  A lot of people in the media do not like him. They all think he is a selfish player that only cares about his stats, and if you watch how he swings you can see that it is true. He swings to hit the warehouse on every play and on every situation.

Scott learned his lesson.  He is now running.  He said no one could have made it an inside the park homerun on the ball he hit. I think I would have, could you?

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