Orioles Lack Excitement

I’m sure everyone remembers the Orioles come back against the Red Sox last season. I’m not going to summarize, but you can head over to Camden Chat and read the game recap. That night was exciting, that is the type of heart and drive you want to see from your players, it’s what we should be seeing from the Orioles right now. But, we’re not.

What the Orioles really need is a spark. I thought the new manager would be that spark, but it hasn’t been. I thought Jake Arrieta would be that spark, but now we’ve lost two in a row.

I feel like every win brings us closer to playing like a real MLB ball club, but they just go out there and lose, and lose, and lose again.

What do you think this team needs to do to turn things around?

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Brian Hradsky

The owner of MSB, I created this website while in college and it has never died.

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