The Maryland Lady Terps continue to silence the critics

2023 so far continues to define the #LegUSy for the terps as they continue their hot streak now at six in a row after defeating Michigan State Saturday afternoon 94-85.

The Keys to Success!

Lavender Briggs should not be the only X-Factor

Yes, when Lavender Briggs plays better you see a different Maryland team on both sides of the ball. As I have stated a few times the success of the Maryland Lady Terrapins is going to the others around Diamond Miller. Now granted Lavender coming off an injury recovery time is key to success, and she has been starting to pick it up but it is also going to be Brinae Alexander, and even giving confidence to the freshman in this part of the season.

The Offense is now in the fast lane

My concern now that we are facing big ten opponents is one thing we can’t afford to go back and forth we did respond every time Michigan State had an answer but looking at the stats the only that has to be addressed is knowing your personal in situational basketball. There were a few times the terps went on the run just in the third quarter Maryland outscored Michigan State 28-8

Maryland’s defense must continue to set the tone

Now I know what you are thinking the offense was the key in this victory, yes, however, to have a 17-point lead fall into single but the end of the buzzer there must be some type of adjustment. Again knowing in this situation what lineup help build a lead, know if your starters are tired pull them instantly because to give up 85 points? That is an ugly 85 points. Going up against Indiana you can not have those kinds of lapses.

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