Terps fumbled away a great chance at becoming bowl eligible on the road at Indiana. Recap





When you turn the ball over 4 times and go -3 in the turnover battle and allowed nearly 20 points off of those turnovers on the road in a power 5 conference as such as the Big ten, you’ll most likely lose that game and probably in a blowout fashion.

However, that wasn’t the case today as the Terps still had the ball late with a chance to drive and win the game with a field goal.

Maryland has had success moving the ball all day long on the Indiana Hoosiers defense coming off a bye week yet the turnovers just never allowed them to separate themselves.

Indiana came out flat and if it wasn’t for the Terps giving them life early in the second quarter with their 1st of 4 turnovers on the day this game might have been lopsided on the Terps part.

Maryland held a very good Indiana offense to just 1 yard in the first 15 minutes of the game but after the Terps first turnover the Hoosiers drove right down the field for a touchdown and a 7-6 lead after the Terps first 2 drives were halted in the red zone.

The Terps lost by 2 but had they protect the ball better they win this game easily going away.

This is a sign of a young team that’s just not used to winning at a high level just yet.

This was a game a more experience team wins but too much youth at key spots and inexperience.

Turnovers will cost even the great teams but one as Maryland simply cannot afford to turn it over 4 times in any game and expect to win.

Just have to learn and be much better with ball protection moving forward.





Maryland out gained the Hoosiers 542 to just 374 yards of total offense for the Hoosiers however the turnovers proves to be too much as the Hoosiers were able to force the Terps to 4 giveaways (3 fumbles + 1 int.).

The miscues lead directly to 17 out of the 34 total Hoosiers points.

The Terps did get an inception of their own to keep their nation’s leading pick streak to 10 games with an inception in every game this season the only team in the nation to lay such claims.

Even after all those early miscues the Terps still almost came back and pull out an amazing victory but once again they fumbled the ball on their very last possession which allowed the Hoosiers to simply seat on the ball ad take a few knee downs to run out the remaining time on the clock.

When the clock expires the Hoosiers escaped with a 2-point victory after the Terps had also failed on a 2-point conversion after a touchdown try in their previous drive which would’ve gave them a 3-point lead.

Maryland shot themselves in the foot all game long and really to be in it up into the last minutes is truly a testament to the fight and will of this team as they’ve shown all season.

The Terps will be kicking themselves once they go over the film at all the missed opportunities, this was a game right there for the taking but too many mistakes too many mental lapses and now they are 5-5 heading into their last 2 games against two teams that beat Maryland by nearly 50 each last season.

The road to bowl is a lot rougher now but after the fight I saw out of this team today nothing will be surprise me if they win one or both games coming up.

These guys are all a bunch of fighters just unfortunate they weren’t able to pull this one out today in Bloomington Indiana against the Hoosiers.

Terps also got field goals on 3 separate red zone possessions where touchdowns there and this game might have ended in their favor.

Cannot keep getting 3 when you allow the opposing team to get 7 on their red zone trips as the Terps did today.

Cannot leave points on the table on the road in the Big ten or it will prove costly as today.

A lot to learn and grow from by this young team.






All season long many fans have wondered why the Maryland coaching staff hadn’t gone to red shirt sophomore quarterback Tyrell Pigrome more.

Especially in games like today where the starter Kasim Hill just can’t seem to get out of his own way.

Hill was horrendous early in this game and if it wasn’t for an undisclosed injury in the second quarter there was probably a good shot this game might have gotten away from Maryland entirely.

Hill made poor decisions, had plenty of inaccurate throws that basically killed any shot the Terps had to move the ball on offense and put the Hoosiers back on their heels.

Hill confidence is clearly not where it needs to be and after what Pigrome (Piggy) did to today to bring the team it would be to no one surprise to see Tyrell Pigrome get the call next week at home vs. Ohio State.

Pigrome came in in relief and almost brought the Terps all the way back for the win.

He was really good up until the very last play for Maryland on offense when he fumbled away a ball trying to make something happen out of nothing.

Pigrome gave his teammate a chance to make plays and most of all I saw a much better believe in the entire team once Piggy was in there.

Head coach Matt Canada would have a really hard time getting the seniors on the team to believe in him if he continues to trout out Kasim Hill out there after another piss poor performance by him as we saw today.

Piggy legs bring another added dimension to the team and his arm is much more accurate than Hill at this point in their careers.

Hill has a super bright future but he gets flustered easily and looks confidence just as easier.

Terps need a guy who wouldn’t throw ducks to WIDE OPEN guys that led to an inception.

Pigrome ends his day going 10/13 for 146 and 1 touchdown late to Jeshaun Jones in the fourth quarter to put the Terps up briefly.

Piggy played great and now must be given his shot to lead this team next week against OSU.





If Maryland ever wants to rise up the college football World in terms of respect factor now is the time.

The Terps have a lot of talented young guys that if they can only stay together which is a HUGE if with all the mess surrounding the program at the very moment.

With guys like McFarland and Javon Leake in the backfield and Jeshaun Jones and Dontey Demus at wide receiver Maryland has the skill guys that can beat anyone in the Country.

Terps got plenty more of the bright younger guys I just mentioned and if they can all stay together in College Park the future can only be fireworks.

Whomever the next coach of this program may be, I’m sure he’ll be salivating at the chance to coach this program once they get a real good look at the roster and depth of youthful talent.

All three guys I mentioned above had a hand in keeping the Terps in the game today.

McFarland may be the biggest star in the bunch and had his career day today with 210 yards on 29 total careers BOTH are career highs by far.

McFarland is in the same mold as Sequon Barkley and if only Maryland can hire a coach that can take advantage of all this abundance of riches in skill set players this program will not be far off from be serious contenders.

We’ve all seen around the Country what a good coaching hire can do immediate when they come into a situation as Maryland would have going forward.

The cup is not even close from being empty there will be plenty of talent for the next head coach.

Hopefully for the Maryland fans all these guys stay and end their careers in College Park.




Terps fought hard and Tyrell Pigrome almost led a huge comeback late but turnovers prove too costly today.

Maryland nearly doubled the Hoosiers in total yardage but when you give the other team 17 points as the Hoosiers managed to score off the Terps 4 miscues then you’ll mostly lose that game especially on the road in the Big ten.

The loss drops the Terps season record to 5-5 2-4 in the big ten.

This team hasn’t quit on their season neither should the Terps faithful, hopefully people will come out and support these guys next weekend against Ohio State.

We WILL upset one of or both of OSU or PSU and become bowl eligible.

This team deserves some bowl fever happiness after all the mess they’ve undeservedly been through this season.  Hopefully the football gods will agree. #GOTERPS

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