Ronaldo "CR7" Battle

Cristiano Ronaldo - Croatia vs. Portugal, 10th June 2013.jpgChristiano Ronaldo will be facing legal actions after a certain company representing Ronaldo has asked a man using the “CR7” trademark over here in the United States to give it up. A Danish company called the JBS Textile Group have asked Christopher Renzi to give up the “CR7” trademark because of certain plans to enter the U.S. market with Christiano Ronaldo’s new underwear.

JBS has asked the U.S. Patent and Trademark to cancel Christopher Renzi’s trademark of “CR7”. Renzi has had the “CR7” trademark since 2009 and is working on filing a lawsuit against Ronaldo in order to prove that he owns the license to us the term or nickname “CR7” here in the United States. Renzi who is a fitness enthusiast has been using the nickname “CR7” because of his initials (Christopher Renzi) and the date he was born on October 7th therefor he wants to keep the trademark “CR7”. JBS believes that Renzi used the nickname “CR7” to profit from Ronaldo’s fame.

The Real Madrid soccer star has developed the nickname as part of his brand which has 28 million followers on Twitter and 93 million likes on Facebook. Ronaldo believes the “CR7” trademark is more recognizable of him than it is of Renzi who said “we can show we were the first use of the “CR7″ name in America” Ronaldo added “They don’t really have the trademark rights because they haven’t used it”

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