Ravens Report Card: Week 3

Quarterback– Joe Flacco had an outstanding day. He used all his God given tools and made the St. Louis Rams pay. He ran for 29 yards and threw for 389 yards and three touchdowns. He missed on a few deep passes and fumbled twice, but he was explosive. He spread the ball around, hitting seven different receivers. Grade B+

Running backs– Ray Rice and Ricky Williams both had good days for the Baltimore Ravens. Rice only ran the ball eight times, but had 79 yards rushing, including a 53-yard run. Rice was also a major factor in the passing game, having five catches for 83 yards. Williams had his first good day as a Raven, running for 42 yards on five carries. Grade A

Offensive line– They were solid most of the game. Chris Long gave the Ravens a little bit of trouble and Michael Oher had a couple of penalties, but overall a solid performance. Flacco helped with his mobility in and out of the pocket. Grade B+

Receivers– The Torrey Smith show was fun to watch in the first quarter. Torrey Smith’s first three catches went for touchdowns. Anquan Boldin also had a good day with seven catches for 74 yards. One of the best days Ravens receivers have had in recent memory. Grade A++

Defensive line– The defensive line had a very good game. They shut the Rams running game down and put constant pressure on Rams quarterback, Sam Bradford. Ngata scored his first touchdown on a fumble recovery. Grade A

Line backers– The linebackers for the Ravens played well. They helped put a lot of pressure on Bradford and made him look very uncomfortable. Jameel McClain, Ray Lewis, and Terrell Suggs each had sacks. Grade B+

Secondary– After a terrible preformance in week two, the secondary for the Ravens played much better. They allowed one big play after the game was already long decided. Lardarius Webb also had an interception. Grade B+

Special Teams– This group was a little shaky. Billy Cundiff missed on two 51-yard field goals. The returners did miss some big opportunities to make big plays. Grade C

Coaching– After a bad game against the Tennessee Titans, the Ravens coaching staff had their team ready to dominate an outmatched opponent. The game plan from the start of the game was executed perfectly. Grade A++++

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