Ravens report card week two: the defense

Defensive line– The defensive line did a good job pressuring Mike Vick and containing the run game.  The defensive line was missing Paul Kruger but still had two sacks of Vick, one of the most mobile quarterbacks in the league.  The line also held a good job containing LeSean McCoy, holding him to an average of 3.2 yards per carry.  Grade B

Linebackers– Brent Celek had a field day against this group.  Celek had eight receptions for 157 yards and was wide open on many of those plays.  The secondary should take some of the blame.  They still played the run well.  Grade C

Secondary– Despite having two interceptions this unit struggled.  There was a lot of miscommunication that left Eagles receivers wide open.  There was not a player within 20 yards of Jeremy Maclin on his touchdown reception.  They had their good plays but the miscues were too much. Grade C-

Overall– They caused four turnovers but allowed a lot of big plays.  For most of the game they played well but on some drives they make Vick have his way.  A losing Bernard Pollard early in the game hurt.  Grade C

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