NFL Power rankings 21-32

21. Denver Broncos- When will Tim Tebow start at quarterback? Will he ever be a good NFL quarterback? The sooner the Broncos get the answers to these questions, the better off they will be.  They lost a lot of pieces on offense so it will be interesting to see how they do.

22. Pittsburgh Steelers- I like quarterback Dennis Dixon, but all the draft “experts” said the Steelers did not have a good draft. They traded away a Superbowl MVP wide receiver. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is suspended for the first four-to-six games. Whether or not they can they recover from that… I don’t know.

23. Oakland Raiders- They got rid of quarterback JaMarcus Russell over the offseason which is a big plus. They have slowly gotten better; they have talent now. They just need consistency which will not be easy to find when the organization itself is such a mess.

24. Jacksonville Jaguars- They are rebuilding, but are still better than some of the other bottom feeder teams.

25. Washington Redskins- I know I will take heat for having this team so low but comparing them to national power rankings it is not that far off. They may have a new coach and quarterback, but the offensive line is terrible. Check out my video on the quarterback Donovan McNabb trade here I explain why the offensive line will let them down.

26. Buffalo Bills- They have good running backs but they have yet to address the quarterback situation.

27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Quarterback Josh Freeman will have the opportunity to prove why he was a first round draft pick. They also have some good young talent on defense.

28. Seattle Seahawks- This team did not age well, a lot of old players that are past their prime. They have spent money on wide receivers that never seem to stay healthy.

29. Cleveland Browns- Looking at the list of quarterbacks for the Browns it is hard to see how they will beat anybody.  They lack talent on all sides except special teams.

30. Kansas City Chiefs- Another team that is lacking in places, it is hard to find good things to say about teams this far down in the power rankings.

31. Detroit Lions- They have a good young quarterback in Matt Stafford but will the surrounding team hurt his development?

32. St. Louis Rams- The consensus worst team in football. They have had a lot of high draft picks the past few years but the overall quality of their team is just terrible.

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