Quick comments on the O's game

Chris Tillman pitching

Chris Tillman pitching

The Baltimore Orioles lost to the New York Yankees again 2-4. I have to say the Orioles had every chance to win that game, starting pitcher Chris Tillman did everything he could to keep the Orioles in the game. The Orioles played terrible defense, committing 2 errors and about 4 bad plays.

There is a bright side and that is that Chris Tillman was able to go toe to toe with Yankees starting pitcher CC Sabathia, and lets face it Sabathia had a much easier team to pitch against than Tillman did.

A bright spot if there is any of this Orioles season is that the young Orioles pitchers are getting the growing pains out of the way. Jake Arrieta is making his big league debut tomorrow something that I have been looking forward to for the past year and a half. I hope I’m not too busy looking up stuff in the WBAL studio to keep my eye on Arrieta.

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