Pitching taking over in 2010

By: Sam Smith
June 14, 2010

Is it just me or is it easier to pitch no-hitters now days?

 Last night the Gavin Floyd of  White Sox and Ted Lilly of the Cubs took no-hitters into the seventh, and they were facing each other. How crazy is that, although it’s probably been done a few times before.

 Although neither of them were able to maintain the no-no, it seems as though we are seeing more and more pitchers inching closer and accomplishing the historic feat this season.

 There have already been three no-hitters this season, two of them perfect game. Considering that there have only been 18 perfect games in the post-1900 baseball era, two in one season is amazing.

 Including Lilly’s performance last night, two no-hit bids have been ended in the ninth inning this season. The other being the infamous Armando Galarraga/Jim Joyce controversy.

 There is no question that pitching has dominated 2010 thus far. With the emergence of the great Stephen Strasburg it seems as though the pitching is starting to take over the game. Are we headed back to the dead ball era?

 It is easy to point out that the steroid era is in the past, and that might be the cause of pitching’s dominance. The game of baseball is returning to a healthy state, where people do not have to question why a certain player has as many home runs as he does. This season, hom runs do not  seem to be coming at a pace in which they once did.

 Miguel Cabrera leads the league with 19 home runs right now. Compared to the last few seasons, 19 seems like a pretty small number for a league leader at this point in the season. Then again, maybe I’m just crazy.

 Whatever the reason is, pitching has taken over. I like it that way, it makes the game more pure, don’t you think?

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