NFL Power Rankings as I see it: Offseason

It’s never too early to start breaking down the NFL and what everyone think’s they’ll do. I sat down and analyzed the teams and created my power rankings:

1: New Orleans Saints- The top spot is dedicated to the defending champs. They have an offense that can score at will.

2: Indianapolis professional football team- Reggie Wayne is having a tiff with the Colts ownership, which could potentially be something to watch.

3: Baltimore Ravens- Call it a hometown vote if you want, but the Ravens addressed all but one of its weaknesses this offseason…the cornerbacks. New additions to the defense should greatly help out the corners though, like Sergio Kindle and Terrence “Mount” Cody.

4: New York Jets- The sudden media darling of the AFC, they have a defense that is just plain scary. Revis and Cromartie are going to make opponent’s passing game rather difficult. Oh, did I mention they have Ladanian Tomlinson now, too? Or Santonio Holmes?

5: Minnesota Vikings- I have to preface this by saying if Brett Favre doesn’t play next year, this goes way down. They have a strong receiving corps and a defense led by now mullet-less Jared Allen that keeps them in almost every game.

6: Dallas Cowboys- Miles Austin has blossomed working with Tony Romo, and the addition of Dez Bryant combined with Jason Witten and Marion Barber in the backfield will allow the Cowboys to score…often.

7: Green Bay Packers- Aaron Rodgers is proving he can slice and dice even the best defenses.

8: San Diego Chargers- It should be interesting to see how the Chargers function with no Tomlinson to rely on. Ryan Mathews has some big shoes to fill for the Southern CA faithful.

9: Cincinnati Bengals- Giving Carson Palmer another reliable target opposite Ochocinco in Antonio Bryant and having two reliable corners have the Bengals in position to potentially sweep the AFC North again.

10: New England Patriots- A lot of questions for this team remain after being embarrassed in the wildcard round by Baltimore. Gone are the reliable names on defense, and the only reason I ranked them as high as I did was the fact that they still have Tom Brady and Wes Welker.

11: Atlanta Falcons- Matt Ryan is blossoming into a fine young quarterback, and a few additions to the defense through the draft have the Falcons poised to rival the Saints in the NFC South.

12: Houston Texans- The Brian Cushing controversy is certainly distracting, but this club has done nothing but improve each year. After barely missing the playoffs last year, what can we expect from the Texans this year?

13: San Francisco 49ers- Singletary added two O-Linemen during the first round of the draft, so the quarterback in SanFran will have all day to find Michael Crabtree.

14: Washington Redskins- I absolutely love the upgrade from Campbell to McNabb. Watch out for the Redskins, folks.

15: Denver Broncos- Here’s hoping for Josh McDaniel’s sake that Tebow doesn’t pull a Brady Quinn for Denver.

16: New York Giants- The G-Men are still wishing Plaxico Burress didn’t shoot himself.

17: Miami Dolphins- Adding Brandon Marshall gives Chad Henne a lot of potential for success in a division that contains the Jets and Patriots.

18: Pittsburgh Steelers- They lost their best all-around receiver in Santonio Holmes, and Roethlisberger’s own idiocy will make the first month of the season rough for the Steelers.

19: Arizona Cardinals- Two major pieces of the offensive puzzle are missing: Warner and Boldin. Can Fitzgerald carry the offense solo? I doubt it.

20: Carolina Panthers- Matt Moore did go 3-1 as a starter after Delhomme was pulled. DeAngelo Williams is also a perennial threat.

21: Philadelphia Eagles- I still don’t understand why they were so hellbent on ditching the quarterback that took them to countless NFC Championships and Super Bowl 39. Kevin Kolb?? Give me a break.

22: Tennessee Titans- We thought Vince Young turned a corner. Then he punched that guy in the face. I don’t know if he has what it takes mentally to be an NFL quarterback.

23: Seattle Seahawks- Pete Carroll is about to begin round 2 of coaching in the NFL. And he has a team with a lot of potential that also plays in the weakest division in professional football.

24: Jacksonville Jaguars- Name another offensive starter beside Garrard, MJD or MSW. I bet you can’t…and that’s not good for the Jags.

25: Chicago Bears- Nothing to be excited about in Chicago apart from the signing of Julius Peppers.

26: Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Tampa fans are overly excited about Gerald McCoy. And with good reason…he’s a beast.

27: Cleveland Browns- Mike Homgren is building a Cleveland team that could be something to watch in a few season from now. But as for right now, they’re still at the bottom.

28: Detroit Lions- Motor City has caught Suh fever. I’m thinking 5 wins is doable for the Lions this year.

29: Kansas City Chiefs- Eric Berry is going to be exciting to watch in the NFL.

30: Buffalo Bills-The Terrell Owens experiment in Buffalo is over. The Bills are back to square 1.

31: Oakland Raiders- Jason Campbell is a major upgrade over JaMarcus Russell.

32: St. Louis Rams- It’s Sam Bradford’s team…let’s see what he does with it.

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