UMD Continues to Embarrass, Losing to Northwestern

I’m writing this blog with about 5 minutes left in Maryland’s game against Northwestern. Even though there is time on the block it doesn’t matter, this game is over. The score is 33-20 with northwestern leading and clearly in control.

The Terrapin football program feels like the living embodiment of the, “he can’t keep getting away with this!” Meme. The team has dropped three straight, including two inexcusable losses to Illinois and Northwestern. To all the people saying it’s BS that we have to play in a division with OSU, PSU and Michigan where are you now? It doesn’t matter that we’re in their division if the program can’t handle games against the teams they’re clearly more talented than.

*writers note: Maryland just scored to make it 27-33 but I still don’t think it matters.

Maryland has been a basketball school throughout my whole life. However, the early 2000s did show what this program is capable of with the right coaching. I love Mike Locksley as a human, but I no longer love him as Maryland’s football coach. It’s time to try something new.

If they choose to stay the course all fans can expect is us to wash, rinse and repeat our normal playbook every year.

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