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Nick Markakis

Nick Markakis running the bases

In an article by Jeff Zrebiec that can be found here , Nick Markakis expressed frustration over the lack of success the team has endured throughout the season.

I know what many of you are telling yourselves. Finally….Nick has stepped up and become the leader of the Baltimore Orioles organization. Well, only time will tell if that is in fact correct.

“Sometimes, guys are going up there and it looks like they have no idea what they’re doing,” Markakis says in the article. A telling sign that he does not think highly of his teammates ability to hit in key situations.

Previously, I wrote an article about how I thought Luke Scott was a selfish player. In this scenario, Markakis sees other guys acting clueless at the plate. At the radio station, I talked to broadcasters who believe Markakis’ quotes refer to Corey Patterson, Adam Jones, Garrett Atkins, and Julio Lugo.

I agree with Markakis 100%. Watching the Orioles, I witness these guys, including the “great” Matt Wieters, go up to the plate and struggle mightily.

Instead of ranting on all those players, (trust me I could), I want to give my opinion on what Markakis did.

I love what he did. I realize it might not have been completely intentional but he did what he did. Markakis is the most respected player in the locker room and hardly ever speaks up. When he does, players should listen.

Markakis is signed long term so I feel it is about time he speaks up and becomes the leader of this ballclub. It shows he cares and that the losing is not part of his DNA. Out of all the players on the team, Markakis is the one who plays the game the right way.

He has a plan on every at bat and even if he does not execute, he adjusts for the next at bat. If you don’t believe me, look at his consistent career statistics.

Great job Markakis, I am glad to finally see you step up in the locker room. Brian Roberts never had the guts to speak up like you did.

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