Lions a great test game for the Ravens

The great thing about not being an actual player for the Ravens is that I don’t have to “take it one game at a time”. This week’s game against the Detroit Lions is about the best test you can ask for before playing the Steelers on December 10th.

The Lions have an explosive passing game with weapons similar to the Pittsburgh Steelers, with Golden Tate having the same shifty style as Antonio Brown and Marvin Jones being the same big vertical threat as Martvius Bryant. Its also a good look to see what adjustments were made after Deandre Hopkins had his way with the secondary this past Monday night. The secondary will have its hands full for the next two weeks. But the good news is, for the first time in recent memory, the whole secondary (outside of Tavon Young) is healthy at this point in the season. Also with Detroit’s offensive line being banged up, the pass rush should have a big effect on the game giving the secondary any additional help that it may need.

As for the offense, every week is a chance opportunity to find some sort of consistency. Joe Flacco said immediately after the game that the offense being as conservative as it was against Houston wouldn’t result in the Ravens being Super Bowl champs so if the one on one opportunities are there look for Joe to take a few shots down field. The Lions have a fast athletic defense similar to the Steelers defense. They are leading the NFL with 5 defensive touchdowns. The Ravens seem to be locked in mentally and are peaking defensively so I think they will take control of this game and lead us to a 24-13 victory. As for the Steelers game on the 10th, we’ll just have to wait and see how this first test goes.

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