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As I get ready to go to my first two Orioles games today, I decided to take a look at some of the Orioles stats at home and away. The Orioles hold a 5-6 record at home and a 7-6 record on the road. The offense is one of the best at home, but one of the worst on the road. The Orioles have the best AVG (.299) and OBP (.358) on the road, and have 12 home runs. At home, they have the fourth worst AVG (.220) and worst OBP (.267), and only 5 home runs.

Now when i looked at the pitching I expected to see the Orioles pitchers give up way more home runs at home, as per usual. The complete opposite is true. Pitchers gave up 21 on the road, and only 8 at home.

These stats are all unusual for Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Oriole Park has historically been a hitters dream and a pitchers nightmare.

What I take away from this is that  the terrible weather we have seen in Baltimore this year has effected teams playing in Oriole Park, not just the Orioles. The small sample size does not help either.

The Orioles and Pirates will have gorgeous weather today in Baltimore, so we could have breakout home performance from the Orioles.


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