Dan Snyder is possibly selling the Washington Commanders

The Snyders have hired Bank of America to sell the team. It’s unclear if they are selling a minority part of the team or the whole thing. It could just be for 35% of the team to get money to build a new stadium. I’m not getting my hopes up until they sell the entire team.

Now the team did release a statement that they hired Bank of America, but didn’t put in that they were not selling the whole team like in previous statement. And reports have come out that they are exploring all options. If anyone remembers a few years ago Snyder said he would never change the name in all caps, but did later. So maybe that will happen again when it comes to him selling the team.


I hope the Snyders do sell the team and this isn’t just a minority sale. The Snyder era is one of the worst in NFL history. Washington has won 2 playoff games in the Snyder era and both were wild card games. They have won four NFC East division titles in 23 years. Snyder has made a bunch of bad free agent signings that would end up doing nothing in DC. If the Snyders do sell the entire team Commanders fans will be celebrating like we won the Super Bowl.

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