Why the Redskins should consider a name change and six new name suggestions

800px-Washington_Redskins_marching_bandThis debate has been going on for years now and it has been a hot topic in the last couple of months.  My Washington Redskins writer has strong opinions on why they should keep the name which can be found here.  I personally think otherwise.  Yes, here on Maryland Sports Blog we have both sides of the debate.

Growing up I never really liked the name Redskins, it always felt off even before I truly knew about racism.  See I spent my early years growing up in Hawaii where I was surrounded by people from all across the world.  I consider myself lucky to have grown up the way I did because it made me very nonjudgmental.

The Redskins name comes off like it is calling someone a name based on their skin color.  I know it may not have started out that way but words and meanings of words change.

Now it can be argued that the name is “tradition” but some traditions are bad anyway… does everyone really enjoy watching the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving every years… usually a bad game.

The Redskins already have a backup mascot anyway, they could easily change their names to the Hogs which some of their fans wear anyway and be done with it.

If the name really offends people, which it does then it should be changed.  If you believe it or not Redskins is a racial slur to some and it is simply unacceptable here in 2013 to have a racial slur be the mascot of a professional sports team.

Look I am all for freedom of speech and hate political correctness but when their are better options out there why stick to a bad one.

Here are a list of five names I would suggest changing the name to.  Also suggesting that the Redskins consider the location change too because they play in Maryland and not Washington DC.

1.  Washington or Maryland Hogs:

2.  Washington or Maryland Warriors:

3.  Washington Senators:

4.  Washington or Maryland Pilgrims:

5.  Maryland Blue Crabs (cheesy I know)

6. Maryland or Washington Redtails:

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