Word On The Streets: Will John Wall Get His Athletic Big Man?

I don’t know. But word on the streets (aka the internets) is that Marcin Gortat of the Washington Wizards is on the trade block. With 13.6 million salary payable for the 2018/9 year on an expiring contract he would be a good veteran pick up for a team that’s looking for a one year rental. The reality is that this is LeBron’s year. He dictates the market and the moves other teams will make depending on where he lands. Some teams that aren’t in the running are best to wait the fall out of this free agent season and wait to re-up and reorganize their rosters next year. Marcin Gortat is an ideal pick up for one of those teams. He’s a reliable veteran who operates well on the pick and roll and is a good rim protector. Just because Washington fans have tired of him doesn’t mean he’s not worth a look from another team.

Giving further heat to the streets is Bartosz Bielecki who stated that “Gortat says he’s 99% sure he’ll get traded soon. ‘The decision has been made by the front office’. Says he’s anticipating a move to the Western Conference within a few days.”

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