Too Intense

We all know Baltimore Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh to be an intense guy.  He runs his team to be physically and mentally tough.   The camps he runs are known to be extremely hard.

The last head coach of the Ravens, Brian Billick was known for running light camps and practices.  This change in practices was not welcome by a lot of Ravens and put some of them in Harbaugh’s hot seat.

It does not come as a surprise to me that the Ravens got penalized for violating a OTA rule.   The NFLPA has strict rules on how much players can practice in the offseason.

My suspicion is that one of players under Billick’s watch thought that Harbaugh was working them way too hard and complained.  A few guys come to mind but that is for you guys to decide.

Who do you think told on the Ravens?

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5 Responses

  1. Jordan says:

    Wish I had more time to keep up with the Ravens. Hopefully I’ll look into some more info when the draft is over.

  2. avi says:

    who knows, but does it matter even? newsome and harbaugh owned up to the error, and for all we know it was ed reed cuz hes just lazy a lot lol

    • icesixpack says:

      Thanks for the comment, it matters because it happened. Losing two practices hurts the younger guys but the vets will be happy. Ed Reed isn’t a guy I was thinking of because he was never on Johns hot seat.

  3. Boobie Taylah says:

    Yo I think Billick was trash! even though we never got no talent on the O side when he was here, but at the same time he was scared to play ball even when we had nothing to lose. And Ed can be lazy he a Vet! as long as you show up in the games thats all that count.

    • Billick wasn’t trash he was a good coach that wore out his welcome. He was a players coach and guys get lazy from that. He also was overrated as an Offensive coach, he sucked offensively but usually put a good team together every other year

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