Losing Interest

While watching ESPN I heard a sad joke at the expense of the Orioles.  One of the anchors said something along the lines of “you can count the number of fans that saw the win on one hand.”

I am not one to miss any games when it is possible for me to following them on TV or by checking the box scores.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to make it to a game yet due to college, an internship, and various clubs that I am a part of, but in the next couple weeks I plan on going to a few games.  That said, even I was beginning to lose interest within the first few weeks of the season… yes the start to the season was that bad.  Still I would keep checking the box scores and pray that night that the Orioles would win.

When I am at home it is not easy to watch the game; my dad who has been tired of seeing his favorite team lose for so long refuses to have them on.  If I have the game on in the family room my dad will yell “They suck. Turn that **** off.”  So I go to my room and watch by myself.

Every year the crowd keeps getting thinner, the prices for some reason keep going up, and the team gets worse.

Long losing streaks don’t help; the nine-game losing streak at the beginning of the season turned a lot of fans off, that were hoping this would be the year that the Orioles finally compete or at least finish above .500.

Star players like Adam Jones, and upcoming players like Nolan Reimold have failed to deliver this year.  These are players that the Orioles planned to promote the team around.  As of now Reimold is in the minors and Jones is still struggling to find constancy at the plate.

After 12 straight losing seasons, only the die hard fans remain, the old fans that many call band wagoners have picked other teams and switched hats.

For those of you that keep going to the games I applaud you; it shows loyalty and heart that I wish everyone had.  The true fans shine in times like these and it shows a positive quality of a human being.

I for one love my sports teams with everything that I have.  The baseball season is special because every night there is a game on which means something good to watch.

So tell me what keeps you going to the game?

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