TJ Oshie Finned $5,000 for Cross-Checking Kris Letang

In last nights loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins Washington Capitals forward T.J. Oshie was fined for cross-checking Kris Letang. The altercation took place when Letang hit Oshie from behind into the boards and continued to push into Oshie. Oshie later threw him into the ice and crossed checked him into his trap/neck area.

The NHL Department of Safety issued a way over priced fine of $5,000. Oshie has never been suspended, and has a reputation of being a clean player does not deserve this fine.

As Oshie said in his interview with Tarik El-Bashir he was not a fan of the call and knew he was going to get a fine, but did bring up how Joe Thornton was never fined or suspended for cheap shooting him that caused a concussion a month ago.

“I agree it’s a penalty,” said Oshie. “But I don’t look down and target — first of all I don’t hit his head. So I don’t know what replay or secret camera they have. I saw the replays they sent me and for once the announcers got it right, I got him in the neck, but it’s just hard to figure out what you’re going to get fined and suspended for and what you’re not.”

To me as a former hockey player you don’t sucker punch another player twice and not drop the mitts like Oshie did. Letang proved to be a complete coward.


Here is the tweet with Oshie’s interview.

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