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Aug 04

Orioles and Nationals getting respect in ESPN's power rankings but is it enough?

The Baltimore Orioles are ranked fifth and the Washington Nationals are ranked seventh in this weeks power rankings from ESPN, the full list can be shown here.  I know I do not talk about power rankings often because they can very from week-to-week and are strictly opinion but sometimes they catch my eye. 

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Jul 14

ESPN Broadcasters Clearly Displayed biased views… again

In the first half of the 2014 season the first place Baltimore Orioles have played three nationally televised games; two on ESPN and one on Fox. The two games on ESPN were against two of the Orioles biggest rivals, the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees. The game on Fox was against the Oakland …

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Jan 20

Friday get away post: Cuba Gooding Jr. slip

This was on Sports Center, it was a funny segment with Cuba Gooding Jr. but he had a slight slip up.  Enjoy and happy PURPLE Friday. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5EGMGMkHQY

Oct 18

Caps #1 In Latest ESPN Power Rankings

File this under “grain of salt” posts, but according to ESPN (as of this post SI.com was slacking and had no week 2 power rankings), the Caps are the best team in the league 4 games in. I by no means put credence into an NHL power rankings list after 4 games of an 82 …

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Aug 06

Player Profile: Ray Lewis

The first Baltimore Ravens player profile is Ray Lewis. Who else would I chose than Mr. Raven himself? Lewis is a living legend and he is still starting at middle linebacker for the Ravens. Lewis was the Ravens second overall draft pick in franchise history. An outstanding leader and motivator, he wills the Ravens defense …

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