Ravens Cornerback Tavon Young Suffers Season Ending Injury

Baltimore Ravens cornerback Tavon Young (25) lines up in the secondary during an NFL Week 16 game against the Los Angeles Chargers on Saturday, Dec. 22, 2018, in Carson, Calif. The Ravens defeated the Chargers 22-10. (Kevin Terrell via AP)

John Harbaugh, head coach of the Baltimore Ravens, reported late yesterday that the Ravens starting nickel cornerback, Tavon Young, had suffered a serious, possibly season ending neck injury sometime during the preseason. After the celebration of their preseason win against the Packers Thursday night, during the post game press conference, John Harbaugh turned the moment solemn with the news regarding Young.

Initially, during preseason practices, coach Harbaugh was questioned about injuries to players that had missed practices and he responded that it was “nothing serious, just minor injuries”. It has now blossomed into a possible season ending neck injury. It is highly probable the coaching staff was keeping Young out of practice while awaiting further medical information which explains the delayed diagnosis. In addition, since head coaches are not required to provide an injury report during the preseason, many keep all injury information close to the vest.

Season ending injuries are nothing new to the 25 year old Tavon Young. This preseason Injury is eerily reminiscent of a previous injury, an ACL tear, Young suffered during preseason in 2017. Just as that injury required surgery, the Ravens are recommending that he move forward with the required surgery to repair the damage and start the process of rehabbing. The Ravens feel confident that his injury is not career threatening, which is always a concern when dealing with neck and head injuries, and that he should heal rapidly and be back to 100%. Although the injuries have nothing in common, he certainly has proven he has the fortitude to grind out his rehab, even at the hardest points.

Tavon Young returned from his previous surgery, fully healed in 2018 and proceeded to play extremely well, securing the cover nickel spot. In early 2019, the Ravens, feeling comfortable that Young had fully healed and also feeling that his play justified it, gave him a three year contract worth $25.8 million. Before he could cash his first game check this year, he suffered this injury and is now weighing his options before proceeding. Though Harbaugh mentioned it could possibly heal on its own, the team is encouraging the surgery. 

Fortunately, the Ravens are deep at corner and the silver lining is a younger player will make the roster this year and get the experience that will allow him to grow into a productive player for next year. Carr has been working the slot as has been Canady and Cyrus Jones. Though Harbaugh has expressed confidence in Jones, my experience says Carr or Canady is a more reliable solution.

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