Orioles Final Draft Class Signings Report

The Baltimore Orioles have signed 18 of the 22 players that they had drafted in the 2022 MLB Draft a few weeks back. The Orioles had the second largest draft pool in MLB history at 16.9 million and the largest in this year’s draft. The four players that did not sign are 3rd round pick Nolan McLean of Oklahoma State, 15th round pick James Hicks Jr of University of South Carolina, Andrew Walters of University of Miami, and Alden Mathes Jr of the University of Richmond. Out of the Top 10 rounds only two players signed over their slot value 2nd round pick Max Wagner and 7th round pick Preston Johnson. Jackson Holliday, the first overall pick in the draft, signed for 8.19 million, the highest among all Orioles in this draft and highest in this year’s MLB draft. The Orioles finalize their draft class signings with an even 9 pitchers and 9 position players. Welcome to Baltimore.

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