Ravens recent arrest are a bad start to the off season

96px-Ray_Rice_2012Ray Rice and Deonte Thompson have both been arrested this off season and it is causing them to bring negative attention to the Ravens.  Rice was arrested for assault and has been all over head lines.  Thompson was arrested with suspicion of marijuana position.

Rice and Thompson may both face suspensions, with Thompson’s suspension being a bit more predictable.  If Thompson fails a drug test for having marijuana in his system he will get a typical four-game suspension.  I have a feeling Thompson may get that anyway following reports.
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Ravens hire Gary Kubiak as offensive coordinator

Gary_Kubiak_in_2008The Baltimore Ravens have hired Gary Kubiak as their offensive coordinator.  The Ravens had the offensive coordinator position come open after Jim Caldwell was hired as the Detroit Lions head coach.  Kubiak brings with him Rick Dennison his former offensive coordinator to be the Ravens quarterback coach.

Kubiak is a great hiring for the Ravens has he is a very experienced coach.  Kubiak was the head coach of the Houston Texans for parts of eight seasons.  As a head coach Kubiak has a losing record at 61-64 in the regular season.

Kubiak was an offensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos before getting hired by the Houston Texans.  Last season Kubiak had health scares but is only 52 years old and is in good health.
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Johnny Manziel could be the next big NFL bust

800px-Johnny_ManzielIt is no secret that Johnny Manziel is entering the NFL draft after only his Sophomore season. Historically, I have been very good at predicting quarterback busts, I predicted that Brady Quinn, Mark Sanchez, JaMarcus Russel and Matt Leinart would be busts. Manziel is the next quarterback that that I predict will be a bust.

This is nothing against Manziel, he is a fantastic college quarterback and a fantastic football player. Manziel is mobile but I do not think this speed will translate as well in the NFL and he needs better ball protection. Manziel also does not have the strongest arm. In bad weather I highly doubt that Manziel will be effective against NFL defenses.
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I like that Ernest Graham

Ah, the great world of Maryland men’s basketball. There were so many great memories from the days of Lefty Driesell to the national championship on the day my Grandmother died.

Loved the television broadcasts with Jim Thacker, Billy Packer and the late Bones McKinney. All on tobacco road and maybe they were rooting for NC State, Duke and North Carolina. It didn’t matter. Our Maryland teams were so good.
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Towson extends Ambrose through 2020

The Towson Tigers have extended head coaches Rob Ambrose contract until 2020.  When Ambrose took over the Tigers he did not have much to work with and in 2010 the Tigers only had one win.  The 2011 season was the turnaround season for the Tigers going 9 and 12.

I am surprised that Towson was able to lock Ambrose up for as long as they have.  With the success that Ambrose has had I thought a big name school would have came in and signed him.

There is the hometown factor though, Ambrose is a Towson grad and grew up in Maryland.  Ambrose’s whole family is involved with the Tigers so it makes sense that Ambrose would not want to move his young family around.
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Keeping Dennis Pitta should be the Ravens top priority

450px-Dennis_Pitta_2011_stadium_practiceThe Baltimore Ravens have a lot of free agents again this year but non of them are as important as tight end Dennis Pitta.  Pitta proved that he was irreplaceable when he was injured for most of the season.  Pitta is a go-to guy for quarterback Joe Flacco, the two are friends on and off the field.

Despite missing 12 games in the 2013 season Pitta still had 20 receptions and a touchdown coming off a major injury.  Pitta was effective right away once he knocked off his rust.
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Ravens 2013 season review

Jimmy Smith was the Ravens most improved player

It is time for the Baltimore Ravens season review.  Surprisingly the Ravens season ended kind of like the Baltimore Orioles season as both teams finished around .500 and just missed the playoffs.  The Ravens finished the season with an eight and eight record.

The Ravens season came down to one huge flaw and that was their offensive line.  New offensive line coach Juan Castillo deserves a lot of the blame but the Ravens did miss center Matt Birk who retired.  Gino Gradkowski did a poor job with picking assignments.  The offensive line was an overall mess and was the reason behind all of the Ravens offensive failures.  The Ravens offensive line could not run block or pass block.

The offensive line was so bad that Joe Flacco barely made it through the season healthy and honestly probably should not have been playing in the last two games.

With that being said lets take a look at the best and worst of the Ravens season.
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Brian Roberts signing with Yankees stinging Orioles fans

224px-Brian_RobertsBrian Roberts has signed with the New York Yankees for a one-year deal for$2 million with incentives.  Roberts has been a Baltimore Orioles since he was drafted in 1999.  Roberts made his major league debut for the Orioles in 2001 and has been a fan favorite.  People on social media have been extremely saddened from Roberts signing with the Yankees.

Roberts is a two-time All Star and was the Orioles face of the franchise during its darkest times.  The second baseman always played hard and was always involved with the community.

In recent years, Roberts has been hurt and has not played over 100 games since 2009.  Some of his injuries were his own fault as he gave himself a concussion by hitting himself in the head with a baseball bat.  Still the Orioles stood by him as he tried to recover and some thought he should just retire.

Still Roberts was the one of the highest players on the Orioles making about $10 million each year and hardly played.  In 2012 he only played 17 games for the Orioles and only hit .182 when he did play.  Collecting the same salary.
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