A Definitive Ranking of Sports Postseasons

March through June is a great time for sports fans. You get March madness, the NHL playoffs, and and the NBA playoffs. For years, the debate about who has the best postseason tournament has raged on. Baseball claims its them since it has the history and pedigree; The NBA claims its them because it’s arguably the most exciting and polarizing, and the NFL says they’re #1 because their championship is the biggest event in America each year.

In order to settle this debate, I polled both MSB staff members and our fans in order to gain a comprehensive composite top-6 ranking. I took each ranking and gave them points inversely to the rankings i.e: first place got 6 points from each ballot, second place got 5 points from each ballott, and so on. The ranking goes as follows:

  1. March Madness (53)
  2. NFL (46)
  3. NHL (46)
  4. World Cup (35)
  5. MLB (24)
  6. NBA (22)

Others receiving multiple votes:

-Olympic men’s hockey (so long as NHL players participate, 11 points)

-NCAA CFP (10)

-Uefa Champions League (6)

-MMA (3)

Thanks to MSB writers Sam Smith, Alex Benda, Brian Hradsky, Jesse Balasus, Chanan Rothenberg, and Wes Hoffmaster.

Twitter followers who voted: @ProducerMikeR, @FlyerTom23, @Ahhhbel, @mace610, and @bcolgan6.

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Jeremy Train

Jeremy Train is a Senior Psych major with a business minor at the University of Maryland at College Park. He has been writing for Maryland Sports Blog since January 2017 and has since been made editor as well. Jeremy used to work as an usher for the Orioles along the first base line in the lower seating bowl.

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