WWE Profile: Trouble In Paradise

Kofi Nahaje Sarkodie-Mensah, better known to the WWE universe as Kofi Kingston has entertained us for over 11 years on the big stage. From his beloved Jamaican character to his American unveiling with the “New Day” Kofi has long been a fan favorite. Athletic with a pension for high flying acrobatics his infectious smile could easily win you over. Kofi will need more than his smile next Monday night if he wants to punch his ticket to Wrestlemania.

Kofi didn’t take the plunge into professional wrestling until after graduating from Boston College. Apparently it was an educated decision as the business has been good to Kingston just as he has been good for business. Tale of the tape on Kofi reads as follows 6 feet tall and 212 pounds, what they can’t measure is his heart. Kingston is married to Kori Campfield and they have two sons. Kofi resides in Austin, Texas when he is at home a rare opportunity working the grinding schedule of the WWE. Watching him in the ring you see flashes of a martial arts background, he has been trained in the Brazilian martial art of capoeira.

Kofi signed with WWE in 2007 as a developmental prospect and signed onto the main roster in 2008. Kingston is a four-time Intercontinental Champion, a three-time United States Champion and an eight-time world tag team champion. Familiar to holding WWE gold you might have noticed that the World title was not on his list of accomplishments. There is reason for that, and I will touch on that soon. Kofi’s second Raw Tag Team Championship reign as a part of The New Day is the longest reign for any tag team title in WWE history and Kingston himself holds the record for cumulative days spent as a Tag Team Champion within WWE. Accolades and accomplishments are no stranger to Kofi but he might be better known for his innovative ways of remaining in the Royal Rumble.

Flashback to the statement I made about the WWE title and Kofi never holding the most coveted prize in pro wrestling. Too small in stature? Not strong enough or fast enough? Unable to stand toe to toe with the very best in wrestling? High flying style not work in big title matches? All of those questions have been asked and all were answered with a resounding NO. Kofi has never held the prestigious title because after 11 years in the WWE he has still yet to be given an opportunity. Kingston who has held so many titles and had such historic title reigns has never got a one on one shot at the WWE title. Kofi earned in way into the title match at Fastlane this year after coming up half a second short of beating the champ in the Elimination Chamber. Enter Vince McMahon who ripped the opportunity away from Kingston and handed it to Kevin Owens. in typical McMahon fashion, Blatant disrespect and a lack of appreciation for 11 years of service capped off by outright theft.

Enough was enough as Kofi along with Big E and Xavier Woods (New Day) hit the ring on Monday Night RAW to address Vince and the title situation. After a lengthy promo McMahon finally agreed to give Kofi his shot. Again enter that McMahon arrogance and a twist in the storyline. Kofi must face a gauntlet match next Monday night against 5 men, and win. Randy Orton, Samoa Joe, Shemus and Cesaro along with Eric Rowan. virtually a who’s who of WWE heels. and a seemingly impossible task. Only one path for Kingston on the road to Wrestlemania, and it is filled with peril and disaster. Vince gave him a chance, he gave Kofi No Chance In Hell.

Have faith Kingston fans for Kofi will defy the odds he will find a way to Wrestlemania and he will face Daniel Bryan on the grandest stage of them all for the WWE Title.

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