What you doing Suggs?!

The Baltimore Ravens made Terrell Suggs the highest paid linebacker in the NFL last year by giving him a 6 year $63 million dollar contract. So far Suggs is making the Ravens regret that offer. He has not been a model citizen for the Ravens, only going to the mandatory off season camp and missing all the voluntary OTA’s.

I would not be that disappointed in Suggs for missing the OTA’s if he had a stellar year last year and earned his contract but he did not. Suggs held out last year for his big contract and when he got it he was out of shape and under preformed.

Statistically it was his worst year of his career only recording 4.5 sacks and one forced fumble. It should be noted that he did miss three games due to injury but those numbers are very low for Suggs considering he usually has around 8 sacks per year.

I know that Ray Lewis has missed camps too but everyone knows that Lewis knows how to get himself ready for the football season. Lewis has been around forever and has never disappointed.

Suggs on the other hand still needs some lessons, maybe he should look towards a younger Ray, Ray Rice for some tips. Ray Rice knows how to work hard he is in top shape and goes to all the camps.

Suggs can play at an all-pro level the only question is if Suggs wants to put in the work to play at that level. The Baltimore Ravens are better with Suggs on the team but he needs to work hard and be in shape.

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