What Do WWE Stars Eat In A Day?

Since its founding in 1953, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has grown into one of the most iconic media brands in the world — and it
continues to grow every year. Just last year, WWE generated over $1 billion in revenue with a current market capitalization of $5.3 billion.
One of the most popular factors that make WWE quality entertainment is its stars, who have a penchant for drama and action. Not only do they
have a flair for the dramatic, but they also have the perfect physique we can only aspire for. But how these stars keep in shape is no longer a
mystery. If you’ve ever wondered how these stars stay in shape with their diets, then this article’s for you.
Dolph Ziggler


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Dolph Ziggler holds impressive records in the WWE, being awarded the World Heavyweight Championship twice, the Intercontinental
Championship six times, and the United States Championship twice. But these insane records don’t come without the proper fuel to perform
well — and look good while you’re doing it. Dolph has mentioned that he eats about six meals a day, without paying much attention to what
he’s consuming as long as it’s “moderately healthy.”
This works well enough for maintaining a healthy weight and physique, as WeightWatchers believes that weight loss doesn’t differentiate
between “good” or “bad” to be effective. Instead, weight management means making food choices between nutritious and less nutritious food,
which is why Dolph can eat as much as he wants.


Edge stunned fans back in 2020 when he made his comeback for the first time since 2011. Not only were viewers shocked by his return almost
a decade after being forced to retire from triple-fusion neck surgery, but they were also awed by how shredded his 46-year-old self was. In an
interview with GQ, Edge revealed that his improved eating habits began long before he was signed to come back to the WWE stage.
By working with a meal prep company, he started seeing the transformation that he wanted to make for his family, immediately going from 250
pounds to 220. Leading up to the Royal Rumble, he began eating three to four meals a day, with a breakfast of six hard-boiled egg whites,
protein pancakes, and an English muffin. He also consumed a lot of rice and chicken, while his last meal would be meat and vegetables. Once
he started seriously pursuing his fitness goals, he started eating more often without necessarily adjusting his portion size to get the look that he


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Matt Hardy, one-half of the Hardy Boyz together with his brother Jeff Hardy, is a WWE household name. Having won numerous tag team
championships with Jeff, Matt has won 44 championships overall throughout his career. After over two decades of wrestling, Matt says that
he’s stopped trying to gain muscle or mass, and instead is focused on keeping all his muscles, ligaments, and tendons strong to stay in top
athletic condition.
He would have his first big meal after exercising on an empty stomach in the morning, gradually decreasing portions. He would then stop
eating once he reached the 8 to 9 p.m. threshold. He regularly consumes a high-protein diet, which Medical News Today describes as typically
including large quantities of protein
and only small portions of carbohydrates. This leads to helping the body maintain and repair muscles,
aiding Matt’s fitness goals.
For years, WWE has inspired serious fitness enthusiasts to prioritize their bodies. These wrestling superstars exemplify just how much work it
takes to do that. If you want to learn more about athletes and their lifestyles, you can find more here at the Maryland Sports Blog.

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