Weekend to remember for Ravens fans

The Baltimore Ravens are National Football League Champions for the second time in franchise history.  They defeated the San Francisco 49ers 34-31 after a bizarre game.  Quarterback Joe Flacco was the Super Bowl MVP and has pretty much silenced all critics.

It was truly a story book ending to Ray Lewis’ 17 year career.  Oh and the Ravens got their first Hall of Famer in Jonathan Ogden who was the Ravens first ever draft pick.

Not with out some controversy in the game, the power went out for 34 minutes and the 49ers started to come back. If the power never went out the 49ers probably would have never made a comeback the Ravens were clearly dominating in all phases of the game.

There was also some none calls like a blast that Flacco took on a 3rd down play, not only was it a late hit Flacco was outside the markers.  The call that is getting all the attention is Jimmy Smith’s non call on a holding in the endzone. In my opinion, the flag should not have been thrown the ball was not catch-able and calls were missed on both sides.

The Ravens are still a young franchise but the history has been bright.  How many sports teams have two championships and no Hall of Famers?

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