Washington Wizards Fell The Atlanta Hawks 129-104

I haven’t really watched the Hawks since their DeMarre Carroll and Kyle Korver days but I’ve heard good things about Schroder so if we were in for another loss, at least I’d get a nice look at this version of the Hawks.  Mike Scott played for the Hawks for 5 years so it was a given he’d be looking to show out, which he did.  John Wall was out with a sore knee, but Coach Brooks mixed it up with the line ups and we came through with a  129-104 win.


Washington Wizards:  Morris: 23p, 5r, 3a, 1stl; Scott: 19p, 1r, 3a; Beal: 18p, 3r, 5a; Porter: 18p, 3r, 3a, 2stl, 1bl.

Atlanta Hawks:  Waller-Prince: 14p, 4r, 1a; Dedmon: 44p, 5r, 1a; Dorsey: 14p, 2r, 4a.


The Hawks had a lot of familiar players from other teams.  They seem to have become the Bucks of the pre-Giannis years.  I may have thought that as Ersan Ilyasova, a long time buck, now plays for the Hawks.  I recognized Kent Bazemore, Marco Bellinelli, Luke Babbit, and Josh Magette.  I’m not familiar with some of the younger players except for Taurean Prince, Dewayne Dedmon(former D League rebound monster), and Malcolm Delaney(he recently gave 400+ coats to schools in his hometown).

For the Wizards, with Wall out, Tomas Satoransky got the start.  We saw a mix of different line ups, and more of the other players such as Frazier and Meeks.

The Wizards took control of the game early and did not let it get out of hand,  outscoring the Atlanta Hawks 27-18 in the 1st quarter.  Morris was shooting good from the beginning and ended the game with 23 points.  With 1.5 minutes left in the 1st both Morris and Beal had 10 points.

Mike Scott started showing out in the 2nd quarter on 3/4 shooting.  His accuracy and specificity are high.  I’m sure he has had bad shooting periods, but overall he seems purposeful in his shooting and it works for him.  I almost feel like I’m saying nothing there, but that it would be understood after watching some Mike Scott shooting videos.  He finished the game with 19 points.

The different rotations and line ups continued through the 3rd and 4th with the Wizards maintaining the lead. Though the Wizards won, there was no crazy 2nd half.  The Hawks had kind of realized they weren’t going to win and no one was trying to risk injury taking an L.  The Wizards took the win 108-89.  Though statistically the Hawks aren’t doing well this season, a win for the Wizards is likely good for morale and will hopefully start a winning run.  Hopefully.

Next Up:  OKC Thunder.  Tuesday January 30, 2018 @ 7:00p.m. EST @ the Capital One Arena, D.C.

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