Washington Redskins release 2020 regular season schedule

The Washington Redskins have released their regular season schedule for 2020. It’s a unique schedule starting off with a rivalry game against the Philadelphia Eagles followed by the Arizona Cardinals, then playing the Cleveland Browns then they’re at home for a rivalry Battle of the Beltway’s game against the Baltimore Ravens. Week 5 they take on the Los Angeles Rams then three rivalry games back to back in week 6 they travel to New York to take on the Giants then they’ll come home to take on the Dallas Cowboys just to have a rematch against the Giants in week 9. Of course, there is a break in between there with week 8 being a bye week for the Redskins. Week 10 the Redskins will take on the Detroit Lions and travel to Cincinnati in week 11 to take on the Bengals. In week 12 they travel to Arlington, Texas to take on the Cowboys in a rematch followed by the Pittsburgh Steelers. The last 4 games of the season will start in San Francisco with the 49ers then head home to verse the Seattle Seahawks followed by Coach Rivera’s former team the Carolina Panthers then to end the regular season the Redskins will play a rematch against the Eagles.

The Redskins made some interesting moves this offseason and made some great draft picks. Everyone is interested in what the redskins will do this season with all the moves they have made. All fans will be there for the first game to see where fate lies for the Redskins.

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