Opinion: Washington Isn’t Going Back to its Old Name

People love to complain, right? It doesn’t matter if it’s the head of your HOA whining about the length of your grass or any of the many NFL players to use the media to bemoan their contract. People want their issues to be heard and feel like they’re being listened to.

Enter the crowd of bumbling fools who want the Commanders to reinstate their old nickname. There’s even a petition going around with a bunch of signatures that begs the question, “when’s the last time you remember a petition actually working?” Also, you’ve got idiots like these managing social media accounts and at the head of somewhat-publicized organizations like this:

I’m a-political and while I have my opinions, I see no reason to share them with the general public. Everytime I see posts like this that little voice in my head starts screaming, “for the love of all that is holy shut the hell up!” It’s a business move that an organization made because we live in a capitalist society beholden to the almighty dollar. It’s nothing more, nothing less.

Commanders isn’t a good name at all and should be changed, but that doesn’t mean they should retrace their steps. The old nickname is as dead in Washington as is the era of Dan Snyder torturing me and many other fans. The name isn’t coming back, nor should it. Get over it.

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