Washington Commanders Week 5 All-22 Film Breakdown

This week we take a look at why William Jackson got benched. I breakdown some other bad plays from the defense as well We look at Montez Sweat kill the Titans Left Tackle. I breakdown both of the touchdowns Dyami Brown had. Then I wrap it up with the three plays on the goal line that ended the game.

The bad plays from the Defense

Why Jackson got benched.

Bad tackling and reactions allow titans to pick up a first down on third down.


Bobby McCain giving up a big play.

More bad blocking from the O-line

Andrew Norwell is terrible.

Montez sweat killed the titans Left Tackle

The good from the Offense

Dyami Brown’s first NFL touchdown!

Browns 2nd touchdown!

This is why Terry needs the ball more.

The final three plays on the 2

Wrap up

The Commanders must win tomorrow night against the Bears. If they don’t I expect to see some changes in DC. The first probably being at QB, so the Commanders don’t give up a 2nd round pick in the 2023 draft. The way the Commanders win tomorrow is stopping the run on defense and moving the ball consistently. Also they need to force some turnovers on defense and protect the ball better on Offense. The Commanders are -7 in the turnover ratio and that has been part of the problem this season. If they are on the plus side of the turnover ratio for the game I expect the Commanders to get the win. If not the commanders will fall to 1-5 and a new rebuild will start.

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