Washington Commanders Week 16 All-22 Film Breakdown

This week I breakdown some of the big play the defense gave up throughout the game. I also breakdown two good plays the defense made in the first half. On offense I breakdown some of the good play Heinicke made in the first half of the game. Then I finish it up with what ended up getting Heinicke benched for the game and probably for the rest of the season.

Good From The Defense

Commanders get a big stop on 4th down.

Daron Payne gets a big sack!

Bad From The Defense

Commanders give up a 70 plus yard touchdown run.

Terrible coverage in the secondary leads to a touchdown by the 49ers.

George Kittle gets lost in coverage and runs for a touchdown.

St. Juste gets beat on an out route.

Good From The Offense

Heinicke’s best throw of the game.

Great play design on this Dotson touchdown.

Terry McLaurin catches a deep 50/50 ball and scores a touchdown 2 plays later.

Carson Wentz comes in and throws a touchdown.

Bad From The Offense

Commanders can’t score from the one on back to back plays.

Heinicke gets striped sacked.

Heinicke gets benched after throwing this interception.

Wrap Up

The defense had a bad game last week in the second half. They will need to tighten up this week and hopefully Kam Curl will return to the field, which will help tremendously. For the offense they could not run the ball last week against the 49ers. This week they face a browns defense that is terrible against the run. I expect to see the Commanders to run the ball a lot this week, but with Scott Turner being the offensive coordinator who knows what the game plan will be.

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